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 Tara was our wedding planner for our wedding this July and absolutely exceeded any expectations we could have ever had. She went through the ENTIRE process with us from beginning planning to the end of the reception, and helped in any way that she could through the planning process and the entirety of the wedding day. She was positive, reminded me of all that needed to be done (while keeping me not overwhelmed) during planning, made us her complete priority through keeping on top of the planning process/ handled so many businesses so we did not have to, and was genuine to my husband and I the day of our wedding to make us feel absolutely perfect. We would communicate through text, email, Skype, and face to face conversations at whatever time necessary in order to prepare for the day as well (mentally, emotionally, and for wedding preparations). She was also amazing with providing us with contacts and necessary vendors (like Cake, Transportation, Dj, Printing companies, etc- and they were all wonderful as well- to the tea! She knew the right contacts to give us the things we dreamed for the day. Also, Tara herself was in charge of our decorations, flowers, and total scene of both the ceremony and reception venue. Both of which BLEW US AWAY and gave the look that we absolutely wanted. So many people have complimented that it was one of the most gorgeous/best weddings they have ever been to (both looks and smoothness of the day)- and Tara is to thank for so much of that!
She genuinely is like a one stop shop to perfection for a perfect planning process, perfect venue, and a perfect wedding day. If you want someone who is on top of things, is willing to take care of you/the people getting married, get you the things you want and need, keep you calm and happy, and make your day everything you could’ve ever wanted- Tara needs to be a part of your special day. Ryan and I truly could NOT have imagined this day without her and we are SO thankful she was in this experience with us. ❤️   Roxanne 6/2019

Hiring Tara was the smartest and best thing we did when planning our daughter’s wedding. There are so many details and small things that you may not think about when planning a wedding but Tara is on top of everything. She made the entire experience more manageable and less stressful for everyone.  Karen 10/2019

Tara was amazing during my whole wedding experience. She was helpful when it came to getting in contact with vendors and paying all bills. She also did all of the decor and flowers at both my rehearsal and wedding. She was very responsive to all of my questions and when I needed her she was just a text away. I would recommend Tara to anyone who was in need of a wedding planner, florist or day of coordinator. She does it all!   Morgan 10/25/2018

Tara is the whole package! She incorporated our ideas and built upon them with her own super creative ideas. She had beyond beautiful decor & flowers for the wedding/reception, great recommendations for vendors, and excellent organization & communication skills. Tara made the planning process and wedding day go smoother than we could have ever done on our own. We are so thankful for Tara B's Eventful Planning & Floral Boutique!   Kensi 11/4/17


Tara helped me out so much during the wedding planning process. I was living a few states away and very stressed about planning my wedding, and Tara did a great job relieving the stress. She found my wedding venue since we were struggling to decide on a location. She was always available to meet in person if I was in town, she would join me for any appointments that I wanted her to, and she would FaceTime or call me to check in to make sure the planning was on schedule. The icing on the cake for me was the day of my wedding when I didn't like what I had chosen for my cake table a few hours before my reception, when I walked back in the room, she had developed a whole new look that was perfect. Tara made sure to keep my look in mind, and designed everything the way I would do it myself! Definitely worth the money!  Emily 6/24/17

I already knew Tara would be awesome to work with because my sister used her for her wedding in 2012! Tara helped to make our whole wedding weekend run smooth and kept everything super organized! She was always very responsive & helpful throughout the whole planning process! Would recommend Tara B to anyone, 100% worth it!  Rebecca 4/30/16

Before we booked a wedding planner, I’ll be honest--we had some questions. Were we sure we needed the help? Couldn’t we do it ourselves? Well… Long story short, we decided that Tara’s help was a necessity, and we are SO glad we got to work with her! (And yes, we figured out we certainly did need the help!!) Tara is not only incredibly professional and efficient, but she is also such a kind person and a true joy to work with.
I just learned first-hand that until you’ve lived through a wedding yourself, you don’t really know how many important last minute details and issues come up in the 3-4 weeks before your wedding. Tara was a HUGE help to us. She took our wedding ideas and helped us to plan and execute them perfectly. As the “day-of” planner for our rehearsal and wedding day, she made sure everything ran smoothly and made our day much more enjoyable and stress-free. I cannot recommend Tara enough! With her “behind the scenes” help, you and your family can simply enjoy your wedding day without having to worry about the many details that all need to come together! Tara does a fantastic job with everything she does, and she really goes above and beyond to make your day amazing.   Saryn 12/18/16

 I cannot say enough wonderful things about Tara Bland. My fiance and I wanted a destination wedding in Asheville, NC. We were a bit nervous about planning a wedding, and even more nervous about taking on a destination wedding. From the moment we met Tara, she gave us the confidence and reassurance we needed to be able to carry out an absolutely perfect wedding. Our planning process was so easy and enjoyable thanks to her. She kept us to a structured agenda so that we knew what decisions we needed to make and when. She always greeted us with a smile on her face and a hug. She is such a genuine person and her support meant the world to us. She has the ability to listen to your vision and make it come to life. She walked us through every step of the way with confidence and ease. She knows such talented people and opens you up to a world that will make your wedding day everything that you could have ever imagined and more. On the wedding day, she was calm and composed and was able to make everything happen so that we did not have to worry at all. We have gotten so many compliments on how smoothly the day flowed. Tara's husband Travis is a joy to meet as well. We were so happy to have him along for the ride and certainly consider both of them a happy addition to our lives. Tara did the flowers and table arrangements for our rehearsal dinner as well and did an amazing job. She captured exactly what we wanted. This day would not have been possible and would not have been as perfect as it was without her services. She makes such a commitment to her clients regardless of what is going on in her personal life. Wedding planning can be so daunting and there are so many things that you don't even think of. We are so grateful to have had Tara by our side for those moments and the not so easy to discuss moments. We will be forever thankful to have had her by our side.   LK  11/22/14